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With a global client base, UTM has experience managing both Australian and International Mining and Exploration Title portfolios. Our Mining Title Consultants have over 25 years industry experience with extensive administration and managerial experience both in and out of the mining industry.

All consultants are trained in the relevant Country, State and Territory Acts and Legislations and are kept up to date with all relevant policy changes, additions and amendments.


UTM Global Pty Ltd has extensive knowledge and experience in the administration of the following state Act and Legislations relating to the exploration and mine management in Australia:

  • QLD Mineral Resources Act 1989
  • QLD Mineral Regulations 2003
  • QLD Mines and Legislation (Streamlining) 2012
  • QLD Mining and Quarry Safety and Health Act 1999
  • QLD Offshore Minerals Act 1889
  • QLD Petroleum Act 1923
  • QLD Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act 1982 
  • QLD Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004
  • NSW Mineral Act 1992
  • NSW Coal Acquisition Act 1981
  • NSW Coal Industry Act 2001
  • NSW Coal Innovation Administration Act 2005
  • NSW Coal Mine Health and Safety Act 2002
  • NSW Coal Ownership (Restitution) 1990
  • NSW Mine Health and Safety Act 2004
  • NSW Mining Act 1992
  • NSW Petroleum (Offshore) Act 1982
  • TAS Mineral Resources Development Act 1995
  • TAS Native Title Act 1993
  • WA Mining Act 1978
  • WA Mining Regulations 1981
  • WA Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources (Environment) Regulations 2012
  • WA Petroleum Pipelines (Environment) Regulations 2012
  • WA Petroleum (Submerged Lands) (Environment) Regulations 2012
  • NT Mineral Titles Act 2010
  • NT Mineral Titles Regulations 2011
  • NT Native Title Act 1993
  • NT Mining Management Act 2011
  • NT Aboriginal Land Rights  Act 1976
  • VIC Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990
  • VIC Mineral Resources Development Regulations 2002
  • VIC Planning and Environmental Act 1987
  • VIC Petroleum Act 1998
  • VIC Petroleum Regulations 2011
  • SA Mining Act 1971
  • SA Opal Mining Act 1995



UTM Global Pty Ltd has extensive knowledge in many international Act and Legislations and currently manages portfolios in many international locations.  Some of those being Papua New Guinea, Botswana, Nigeria, Chile, Cote de Voire and Peru, The Acts and Legislations we currently administer are as follows:

  • Independent State of PNG Mining and Safety Act  1977
  • PNG Mining Act 1992
  • Botswana Mines and Minerals Act  1999
  • Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act 2007
  • Nigerian Mining Regulations 2010
  • Chilean Mining Code #18248 (1983)
  • Chilean Organic Mining Law 1981
  • Republic of (the) Ivory Coast Mining Code 1996
  • Peruvian General Mining Law 1992

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