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"UTM Global has been managing our tenements in Queensland for the last 2 years and have always performed above expectations. I have great respect for the professionalism of UTM Staff and I appreciate their  timely advice and communications. A very friendly and helpful group of people ready to assist at any time. I highly recommend UTM Global to anyone looking for Quality tenement management.'

Noel McFarlane, Exploration Manager at

Tasmania Mines Ltd &

Metroof Industies Pty Ltd

"Proactive, passionate, friendly, efficient. UTM is a shining example of good client service, where nothing is too much trouble and everything is possible. As a Company Secretary for numerous listed junior resource companies, I have used UTM extensively over the past 3 years and I recommend them unreservedly.
Karl Schlohohm, Company Secretary at 
Dark Horse Resources

“We have used UTM Global and have found them to deliver on their promises. They are professional and competent to the highest order. UTM has provided consistent service that ensures projects are successfully completed, often proactive and anticipating our needs in a way that only experts in their sector can do. These are real people who love what they do and make things happen for you."
Allan Branch, MD and CEO at
Krucible Metals Ltd

“I can highly recommend UTM Global, the entire team is efficient at getting the results we need and always seem to have the answers to any question or situation I have come across in our exploration programs in Queensland.”
Matt Bull, Managing Director at
EON Pty Ltd

“UTM is a top quality tenement management company providing timely and insightful advice on tenement issues. With business contacts in all the right places within the legal, environmental and government space, I can easily recommend UTM Global.”
Michael Busbridge, Technical Director at
Invictus Gold Limited

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